Jennifer Griggs


Jennifer Griggs is a well-known breast medical oncologist, professor, and researcher. She is also a speaker and advocate, committed to improving the quality of medical care and reducing the barriers to equity among the disenfranchised.



Patients make the best possible decisions for themselves when they are given high quality information support that reflects their values and preferences

– Jennifer Griggs –


Jennifer's Story

Jennifer has been a practicing oncologist for over 25 years. She completed her undergrad at Mount Holyoke College, her MD at the Jacobs School of Medicine, University of Buffalo, and her Residency at the University of Rochester. At Rochester she later become the Director of the Comprehensive Breast Cancer Program.

An important part of Jennifer’s work is her research program. She has published over 150 original research articles as well as numerous editorials and book chapters. Her work has been funded by the National Cancer Institute and the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and focuses on patient education and communication as well as quality of care and health equity.

Jennifer is also a passionate and talented teacher and has won numerous teaching awards throughout her career. In September 2006, she joined the faculty at Michigan Medicine.

In 2006, Jennifer became the director of the Michigan Oncology Quality Consortium (MOQC), a nonprofit organization sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM). MOQC is a collaborative of medical oncologists across the state of Michigan devoted to improving quality of care for patients with cancer and their families.

Jennifer and her husband live in Ann Arbor. They have two daughters and an adorable dog named Daisy. Jennifer loves the sounds of little kids laughing, the smell of fresh baked bread, and the feeling of white sheets dried on the clothesline.

Recognition & Awards